Naturally Nurtured specializes in
holistic self-care healing for the whole family…
Humans and Animals.

In the company of our animal teachers (horses and bunnies), we specialize in teaching you healthy, natural techniques that can be used everyday to support your health and wellness.  It also gives both children and adults an opportunity to reconnect with animals, nature and themselves.

Ley-Anne and her animal team provide guidance to learning important self-care techniques such as relaxation breathing, reflexology techniques, animal awareness and positive self-esteem activities. Naturally Nurtured offers a seven unit program and is able to come to your facility with our “real life” bunnies as the teachers.


At Naturally Nurtured we blend the unconditional love & therapeutic presence of our animals with the gentleness of CranioSacral Therapy and Reflexology to support your physical and emotional well-being.

Ley-Anne Mountain

Ley-Anne Mountain

Co-Founder / CEO

What I can offer you!

Animals are unique and offer unconditional love and are without judgement. This is the healing gift our animal companions give so freely to us. They teach us the simple communication through body language, compassion, empathy, and tolerance, skills which can be applied to all relationships, be it an animal or a human.

The inspiration for the Naturally Nurtured Program lies in the heart of a Quarter Horse, Cougar, Motherhood and her own heart’s journey… all Ley-Anne’s constant flow of inspiration!

We offer individual, group sessions and have been participating in schools for over 7 years.

What others say about Naturally Nurtured…

“Students loved the idea of “live” animals in the classroom. I loved the experience for my class because it provided an element to the student learning that was different and reflective for students.”

JWESGrade 4 Teacher

“It helped the children develop empathy-concern and care for others. It gave them someone to identify with who was non-threatening and accepting. They were able to see how their attitude and mood affected others through Einstein the rabbits reactions to them.”

JWESGrade 4 TeacherMedia Wiki

” The kids used lots of the relaxation and stress management tools.  The concept of respecting each other was really reinforced.  I love how Ley-Anne tied one week’s lesson to the subsequent ones. Super thoroughly enjoyed by teacher and students.”

C.J.Grade Four Teacher

“It’s good for the kids to see the physical changes in the animals based on the “mood” of the class.”

J.LGrade Four Teacher

“Students learned ways to relax and tools to use to help THEMSELVES when they need it.  It also gave them a chance to reflect on their feelings- GOOD and BAD”.

K.GGrade Four Teacher